Read our terms before using our services to be sure that you know how we work, and what to expect from our services.


#1 – Tour times are approximate and may vary depending on weather conditions and unforeseen events. Helicopter models and tour itineraries are subject to change without notice.

#2 – Fonnafly AS reserves the right to change or cancel the flight at any time for any reason.

#3 – All passenger must be able to provide valid photo ID.

#4 – All passengers will be required to have their body weights verified. Passengers that refuse to do so might be denied boarding without the possibility for refund.

#5 – Gift certificates are valid one year from the date of purchase.

#6 – Every passenger is responsible for reading and understands all terms and regulations.

#7 – Any damage to helicopter or equipment made by a passenger, may result in holding the person who made the damage economically responsible for the cost to repair or replace.


#1 – We have helicopters of different sizes to deal with different missions. When we do a mission, we choose the helicopter that is the best fit for the task.

#2 – Our helicopters do get moved around depending on which missions we have. Therefore it can not be expected to get the helicopter of your wish, except when this is guaranteed.

#3 – If you wish for several helicopters for a mission, and they are not available in the area, we may try to get more helicopters. There will be an extra cost to get helicopters from one location to another.


#1 – The pilot always has the last vote before a flight is started. If the pilot is not comfortable to perform a flight, the flight will be canceled or rescheduled.

#2 – Our trips will vary depending on the weather conditions on the time of flight. We will not always be able to fly the routes that are described in the tour catalog. Some days you will for example not see the “Glacier” on a Glacier Tour.

#3 – The length of the tours may vary depending on the routes chosen when flying. Some times the tour may be shorter or longer than announced.


#1 – The duration of all trips is from the rotor starts to turn, until the rotor stops after a flight.

#2 – The announced duration of the trips may also vary depending on helicopter type and the total weight. Weather conditions may also affect the duration. If the pilot flies the announced trip faster than the announced duration and all areas of the trip are covered, the pilot is allowed to end the flight.


#1 – The announced maximum weights must be followed. If the passengers are heavier than allowed, it may compromise the safety. If passengers are heavier than they say and the pilot has to leave one passenger behind, he/she will still have to pay for the tour.

#2 – The Pilot will always decide the maximum weight of the passengers due to the weight and balance of the helicopter. If the pilot decides to not bring passengers or luggage, the pilot’s decision is final.

Cancellation policy:

#1 – Fonnafly AS requires 24-hours in order to cancel a helicopter tour. Cancellations within 24-hours or no-shows will be assessed a 100% cancellation fee.

#2 – In case of bad weather (heavy rain or snow, low cloud ceiling, extreme winds): passenger can always contact us on the same day of the flight to reschedule for another time or day.

#3 – Any cancellation of an order, after a booking is made will trigger a 10% booking fee.

#4 – Cancellation between 24-72 hours: 50% cancellation fee