Glacier Express

Glacier Express

Glacier Express

A spectacular 20 min tour from Stryn heliport that gives you a great perspective of Norways stunning nature.

On this tour we will start by flying over the beautiful fjord of Nordfjord.  

We fly into the Olden valley and continue towards the Briksdal- and Jostedal-glacier. You will be able to see clearly how the color of the fjord and rivers will gradually change as we are moving closer to the glaciers. At the end of the valley, the biggest glacier on the European mainland will appear, with its beautiful blue ice and deep cracks.

This is a popular trip for those who would like to see as much as possible in a short amount of time, since it has a little bit of everything.


  • Stryn heliport
  • Nordfjord (eastern part)
  • Myklebust Glacier
  • Local lakes and mountains
  • Stryn heliport

Airbus EC130

15-20 minutter


Max total weight:
7 passengers – 550 kg

Ingar Rylandsholm