Glacier & Geiranger

Glacier & Geiranger

Glacier & Geiranger

This 60 min tour will give you the best of two worlds. The magnificent glaciers, beautiful mountains and fjords.

This 60 minute tour takes you from the Nordfjord-area and up to the Geiranger fjord. We will start by taking off from Stryn heliport, fly into the Olden valley towards the Briksdal- and Jostedal-glacier before we turn north towards Geiranger.

On our way up we will fly over Mount Skåla, beautiful Oppstryn with its glacier-lakes and steep mountains, the village of Hellesylt, the Geiranger fjord, the Seven Sisters- and Friaren- aterfalls, beautiful old mountain farms, the village of Geiranger and Dalsnibba, before we head back towards Stryn.ROUTE:

  • Stryn heliport
  • Nordfjord (eastern part)
  • Jostedal Glacier, including the famous Briksdal Glacier, Brenndal Glacier & Myklebust Glacier.
  • Mt. Lodalskåpa
  • Geiranger
  • Mt. Dalsnibba
  • Geiranger Fjord
  • The famous Seven Sisters water fall
  • Stryn heliport

Airbus EC130

50-60 minutter


Max total weight:
7 passengers – 530 kg

Yngve Bolaug